Commercial management

  • Market research,
  • Market access,
  • Public and private tenders,
  • Portfolios analysis,
  • Support to Strategic alliances.

Regulatory Technical Support

  • Sanitary products registration: Medical devices, Medicines of all origins, cosmetics and related products,
  • GXP Audit services: Manufacturing, Quality Control, Pharmacovigilance,  Promotión, and Distribution,
  • Regulatory Compliance,
  • Site Licenses MoH. and ANMAT,
  • Pharmacovigilance Management,
  • Technical support services for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and related product,
  • Feasibility studies for Economic, Technological and Regulatory evaluation,
  • and any professional service to the mentioned industries.

Advertising and Graphic Design

  • Packaging design,
  • Packaging Technical specifications,
  • Commercial promotion and dissemination of scientific information,
  • Advertising and communication campaigns, and
  • Good Promotional practice support.